Sports Club of Almaty College of Communication at KAU
The sports club at Almaty College of Communications at KAU carries out its activities in organizing and conducting academic classes in the subject of "Physical Education", organizing the work of sports sections for students, students and staff. The main objective of the Sports Club is to promote healthy lifestyles, the development of various sports and attraction of students, college staff to sports.
The sports base of ACC at KAU includes:
* a large hall for team sports: volleyball, basketball, mini football, tennis;
* a small room for aerobics, ballroom dancing, martial arts, table tennis;
* gym, equipped with modern equipment;
* ballet hall for choreography, defile;
* summer volleyball and basketball courts.
The sports base is equipped with changing rooms and showers.
There are permanent sports sections in the following sports in the Sports Club:
* basketball;
* mini football;
* table tennis;
* volleyball;
* tennis;
* bodybuilding
* aerobics;
Competitions are held as part of the KAU Games program, as well as match meetings with students of other educational institutions and international meetings.
Work is held to develop non-traditional sports of shaping, martial arts. Training sessions are conducted by highly qualified specialists.
Students note!
Certificates of medical consulting commission - provide exemption from physical education discipline at the beginning of the school year within a month.
Certificates of MCC - exemption from state examinations for the 9th grade are provided until May 1 of the school year.
Certificates for the disease, received from other clinics, are confirmed by an outpatient card, a certificate from the hospital - discharge from the hospital. These certificates must be submitted within 3 days.
Sports life of Almaty college of communication
Classes on physical education of students of the Almaty College of Communications are held during the three years of study and are carried out after a compulsory medical examination at the beginning of studies. Training sessions for students of 1-3 courses are held on a schedule 2 times a week in the form of a two-hour lesson in the gym of the academic building. Throughout the school year, there are sections for a number of sports: football, volleyball, and tennis. Every year, students take an active part in sports activities of the university. “Days of health”, hikes, sports days among faculties, and student trips to the recreation area have become traditional. College students participated in the Olympics on the Winter Olympics (took 2 and 4 places). Sports games "Starts of Hope" for students of 1 - 3 courses,the championship in football, basketball, volleyball among students of 1 - 2 courses were held.
In physical training classes teachers apply modern teaching methods, form students' interest in classes, and also implement a systematic approach to the emergence of the target setting for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
A good material and technical base for successful work on creating a healthy lifestyle and effective teaching of physical culture has been created at the college: open-air basketball and volleyball courts, a gym with changing rooms, a gym, and various sports equipment.