Cultural - leisure activities
1. Knowledge Day
2. Activities devoted to the Day of Languages in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
2. Day of the elderly person.
3.Activities devoted to the Day of the Teacher. Issue of wallpapers.
4. Devotion to students. Solemn activity. Concert.
5. Autumn ball.
6. The adviser class on the topic:
7. Conducting a festive concert and an evening of rest devoted to the International Women's Day.
8. April 1 – Fool’s Day. CCR (Club of cheerful and resourceful) between courses. 1,2,3 courses . New Year's Masked Ball of ACC. Issue of wallpapers.
Patriotic education activities
10. Constitution Day, Knowledge Day - a solemn event for first-year students. 2. For 2nd and 3rd year students, class hours: “The people of Kazakhstan celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan”.
11. Almaty is 1001 years old. The adviser class
12. December 16 - Independence Day of Kazakhstan. Open class hour.
13. May 1 - Day of Unity of the People of Kazakhstan.
14. Solemn event. The dispute, the conversation on the theme "Victims of political repression."
15. Kazakhstan during the Great Patriotic War Solemn event.
16. Discussion of the annual Message of the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev to the people of Kazakhstan.
Events on spiritual and moral education
17. Open class hour on the topic: "Life is ..." ".
18. "Ulystyn uly kuny-22 Nauryz" Nauryz Holiday.
19. Open class hour on the topic: “Rukhany zhangyru”.
20. Open class hour on the topic: “Religion as a repository of cultural values of the people.
Activities for a healthy lifestyle
21. Meeting with employees of the city drug abuse treatment center.
22. Sports competitions devoted to the Day of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
23. Participation in promotions in the part of the program “Youth for a healthy lifestyle” held in Almaty.
24. Sporting events "Start of Hope".
25. "We choose life." December 1 is AIDS Day. Student competition.
26. Conducting conversations among college students about a healthy lifestyle, about the dangers of alcoholism, use of smoking and drug in a Students’ House.
27. Watching the movie "Free Fall".
28. Conducting a competition ‘The Best Room’ at the Students’ House.
29. Games among the TPS(Teachers and professions’ staff).
Legal education activities
30. Meeting with employees of the Anti-Drug Business Department of Internal Affairs of Almaty.
31. The Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the Rights of the Child in the Republic of Kazakhstan
32. Adviser’s classes in groups. “Criminal law”
33. Adviser’s classes in groups. Legal events.Law breakers. Responsibility.
34. Class hours in groups. "The Law and the Teenager"
35. Adviser’s classes in groups.
Legal education activities 36. Poetry evening “Makhabatsyz dunye bos”
37. Adviser’s classes on the theme “The beautiful is next ...”
38. Regular visits to theaters and cinema.
39. British customs and traditions.
Labor education activities 1. Subbotniki for the improvement of the hostel and the territory 2. Participation in the urban and district community work days.
Professional orientation work
40. Organization of professional orientation work at communication enterprises “Almatytelecom”, “Kazpost JSC”, “Kaztelecom”, RGP “Kazhydromet”, “ALSI”, “Kazteleradio”, etc.
41. Creation of the campaign team for vocational orientation workin schools
42. Visiting schools in Almaty and Almaty region for professional orientation work.
Image work
43. Round tables, exchange of experience, holding joint extracurricular events with other colleges
44. Meetings with ACC
45 Graduates meetings with interesting people of the city, the republic (2-3 times a year)