Well-equipped dormitory for 840 places, where a major overhaul was carried out with the introduction of modern technological processes and the use of high-quality building materials. There are household rooms equipped with all cooking appliances, laundry rooms, computer rooms with Internet access, recreation rooms equipped with electrical equipment, reading rooms, a gym, a mock-up studio, and a cafeteria in the Students’ House.
The Students’ House is equipped with video surveillance cameras(CCTV) inside and on the territory. The recording is made on each floor and controlled by security. The building of the Students’ House and the surrounding area are protected by the IEC Security Serviceround-the-clock.
The Student Council is constantly working in the Students’ House, which participates in all leisure activities, maintain order and comfort in the rooms of the students who live. The IEC Administration annually holds traditional competition “The Best Room” with awarding diplomas and valuable gifts. The Students’ House became the winner in competitions of student hostels of the city more than once.

Director of the Students’ House
Beishekeeva Gulzhan Medetbekovna
Phone 309-91-62 d.s_mok@mail.ru
Passportist of Students’ House:
Dayrbekova Karlygash Abylgazinovna
The Students’ House is located on the territory of the university.
Address: Toraigyrov st., 33.

Accommodation Rules
The order of settlement in the House of Students

Questions about living in the DS are dealt with by a special commission for settling students in the House.
The deans (directors of colleges), deputy deans (directors of colleges), student deans or chairmen of student councils, advisors should be included in the composition of the commission for the settlement of students into the Students’ House at faculties (colleges). Deans of faculties and directors of colleges strictly consider the approved Criteria for settlement when reviewing applications for the Commission: Commission for the settlement of students in the House of Students comprehensively and objectively, in strict accordance with the Criteria for the priority of places for students in the IEC students, consider applications from applicants for rooms with the number of places allocated to the faculty (colleges) in the House of Students and decide: “to give a room in the Students’ House” or “refuse” (indicating the reason for ) on the basis of a protocol decision. In addition, the commission make a list of candidates for settlement in accordance with the sequence. The following procedures to enter the House of Students are required:
1) The student submits an application for settlement addressed to the rector of the IEC with the visas of the dean of the faculty (director of the college), specialists of the OR, FEI; 2) An application with visas is submitted to the appropriate dean of the faculty or the directorate of KazGASA colleges, ACC at the KAU (hereinafter referred to as colleges); 3) Responsible secretaries of admission office are obliged to introduce applicants with the terms and procedure for the settlement of students in the Students’ House; 4) Prior to the commencement of the procedure for issuing orders for residence in the Students’ House, the DC Director provides the dean's office with a list of free places in the Students’ House, taking into account the transfer of cohorts in the context of faculties and colleges; 5) On the appointed day (the last week of August of the month before the start of classes in the new academic year), the deans and the heads of the colleges hold a meeting of the commission for settling students in Students’ House, in which all applications are considered; 6) According to the results of the commission meeting, residence orders are issued (hereinafter referred to as the warrant), not later than 3 days after the commission meetings; 7) The order is registered in the "Journal of registration of orders" in the dean's office of the faculty (college management).
The order of settlement:
1) from August 23 to August 28 – settlement in Students’ House for students of 1,2,3 courses queues according to the Criteria of the priority of providing places (transferring enrolment on September 5); 2) from August 28 to September 5 - settling in the rooms of the DS students of 4, 5, 6 courses of the queue according to the criteria for the priority of places. 3) The student is sent to the director of the House of Students to get a room and move in after receiving the hostel warrant. The student must have an application with visas and the decision of the commission;
- order with a stamp and the signature of the doctor of the first-aid post; - A copy of the identity card; - A copy of the receipt for payment of utilities for the academic academic period (semester, academic year); - photo 3x4 cm (4pcs). 4) The Director of the House of Students registers the student to be settled on the basis of an order, issues keys to the room, explains the conditions of the settlement, the rules for living in the House of Students, concludes a contract of liability for the safety of material values, this contract is renewed annually according to the act of acceptance contract and act issued to the student). 5) During the winter holidays, students, with the exception of foreign students, as well as persons who live with the consent of the rector are required to vacate the rooms and move out before December 30. Return check from January 19 to January 21. 6) All students living in the House are required to undergo temporary registration at the place of residence. Registration deadlines are from September 05 to October 05. 7) The controversial issues that arise between the residents of a hostel and the administration of the Students’ House are considered by the Vice-Rector for Operations. In case of not reaching agreement, controversial issues are resolved by the rector or the president. 8) Master students and part-time students can be provided with a paid accommodation subject to availability.
The order of eviction from the House of Students and the release of the occupied living space within 24 hours after the making of the violation act; - when a student is expelled from the number of students of the IEC (KazGASA, KAU) for any reason, incl. in the presence of arrears in tuition fees - within 3 calendar days after the signing of the relevant order; - when moving from room to room without the permission of the DS Director; in the case of not staying without a valid reason in the assigned room for more than one week according to the act of raid inspection; - for academic failure and financial indebtedness; - for violation of the terms of the Training Agreement;
The residents of a hostel during the eviction pass the act of reception and transmission of all inventories, transferred to them for use at settlement.
When the student (s) are evicted during the school year, the DS director sends the information about the eviction to the Rector's office and to the appropriate dean's office (college management). The dean (director) gives an order for settlement in the order of priority from among the candidates for settlement.
In the case of malicious violations of the Rules, junior residents (college students) and 1year bachelors requiring eviction from SH, residents can be evicted in the presence of parents. Students live on a fee basis at the approved rates before the arrival of the parents.
The residents produce cosmetic repairs in the rooms (painting, whitewashing, general cleaning) and release the rooms within 3 working days on expiration of the order.
House Rules
Students live in the hostel- room on the basis of an order. According to the Rules of registration and de-registration of citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, established by the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, students living in the DC must register at the place of temporary residence until October 1. For students who are not registered in the DS since October 1, living on a paid basis for a month, then eviction is in November 1). Students are liable for the temporary possession of entrusted property as evidenced by the contract on full liability and the act of acceptance and transfer of the property of the hostel room, jointly and severally liable for the safety of common property.
Students are required to comply with the Internal Regulations of the DS, the decisions of the student ‘s council and other management services, fully and conscientiously fulfill their duties in all types of duties. The entrance to the House of Students is carried out by the pass to the hostel from 6.00 to 00.00 hour; the entrance of outsiders- strictly with the provision of identity documents at the appointed time. Accommodation of visiting relatives in the Students House is prohibited. Residents living in the Students House must keep clean and in good sanitary and hygienic condition of their room and public places. Drunk students are not allowed to appear in the House.
Students living in the House of Students are prohibited from:
a) violate the established order of behavior and residence in the House of Students, established Internal Regulations (TAC), Labor and Safety Regulations, Regulations for extracurricular work and other internal regulatory documents of IEC JSC; b) undermine the image of the IOC, KazGASA and KAU with their unworthy behavior and the dissemination of inaccurate information about the activities of the university; c) to spoil the property of the House of Students, IEC, KazGASA, KAU, incl. furniture, household and org. equipment, furnishings, inventory, damage to the interior and exterior of premises (by mechanical or any other damage, as well as draw, write on furniture, on the walls of rooms and buildings of educational buildings); d) to acquire, store, use, propagate, sell narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, and also alcoholic beverages;
e) acquire, use, market, store, carry, propagandize firearms and edged weapons, ammunition, explosives and explosive devices, as well as gas (including all types of aerosols), traumatic or any other weapon; e) use physical force in conflict situations, be a witness or participate in the preparation of conflict incidents and not take any action aimed at localizing them by informing the management of the House of Students, teachers and the Security Service; g) perform any other actions aimed at the humiliation of human dignity, violence, threat of violence, extortion, take actions aimed at seizing or attempting to seize other people's property;
h) play, draw in others, as well as promote gambling;
i) violate the established purity mode;
j) it is prohibited to use, advertise, sell chewing gum; k) to show any kind of disrespectful unethical attitude towards the leadership, teachers, workers, students of the IEC, KazGASA and KAU, to behave in violation of moral norms and ethics, including: use obscene and offensive to human dignity;
m) participation, propaganda of religious orientation, including religious extremism; m) it is prohibited to clutter up the front part of the building with household items (hang
underwear, etc. for windows, put food on the window sill); o) use their own household electrical appliances and household appliances, without the written permission of the DS Administration, issued in agreement with the DS operation service.