Almaty College of communications at KAU switched to distance learning due to the temporary extraordinary situations.
Distance education is distance learning. In fact, it is full-time online training. In distance learning, students learn all 100% of content of information. The whole process is based on communication through the Internet. Distance learning is a form of knowledge acquisition based on computer and telecommunications technologies, both full-time and part-time learning, using the best traditional and innovative methods in the educational process.
The introduction of distance learning technologies allows our College to expand the range of educational services and improve traditional forms of education in accordance with modern requirements.
Training in DLT mode in college is conducted in the Moodle system.
Moodle is a site content Management System (CMS) specially designed for creating online courses by teachers. Such e-learning systems are often referred to as learning Management Systems (LMS) or virtual learning environments (VLE). Moodle is a tool environment for developing both individual online courses and educational websites. The project is based on the theory of social constructivism and its use for teaching. This software package by its functionality, simplisity of development and ease of use satisfy most of the requirements of users for e-learning systems.