Training courses
The student of the preparatory courses (PC) gets an expanded and advanced knowledge of the disciplines in accordance with the approved college programs.
The aim of the preparatory courses is to increase the level of students' knowledge in the following subjects, such as: Russian, mathematics, and Kazakh, for which defined college entry exams.
The standard duration of job training work is 4-8 (1-2 month courses) weeks. The PC learning process is carried out as a group of students is completed (at least 15 people) and is organized in two flows, 4-8 weeks each. Applications are accepted from September to May.
Requirements for admission to preparatory courses
All persons, without exception, having basic secondary education (9 classes of basic school), students of colleges, gymnasiums are admitted to the preparatory courses. Applicants must have a basic secondary, general secondary education, confirmed by a certificate, certificate or diploma of a standard form, a certificate from educational place for students.
After graduating from the PC, the student must have a sufficient amount of knowledge in the studied disciplines for entering the college and meet the following requirements:
* Have knowledge of the Kazakh (Russian) language in the field of social communication and can use them at the level of secondary education;
* Have knowledge of the initial sections of mathematics at the level of secondary education and can use them to solve mathematical problems;
* Have an extended understanding of the basic disciplines of the chosen specialty of technical and professional education.