The Almaty college of communication was opened as an educational institution in September, 1930 on the basis of the decision of Board of the National Commissariat of Mails and Telegraphs of the USSR from July, 15th, 1930 (the report number №43). Training term was established the three-year. The beginning of employment - on October, 1st, 1930. The technical school has been organized in September, 1930 on the basis of the second step of school number 14. One hundred thirty enrolments of pupils were accepted. It was named Alma-Aty polytechnic technical school of communication. The initial stage of activity of technical school was very heavy: there was no educational building, laboratory base. There were not any hostels for students. The pedagogical staff was small. Majority of teachers of general technical disciplines worked in combination. The first teachers were: Bajmut-Tsubina, Maslennikov, Obraztsov, Tugarin, Tolstoys, Nevski, Polumiskov, Pauvlov, Kobylov, Putkova. Production workers were involved to read special courses. Lessons were conducted in different places of a city: at school number 14 (street of Young Communards 20), on street School 24, in the Kazakh management of communication (street Vinogradova) and in a cellar of the under construction House of communication. Students studied in the evenings when everyone finished their work at schools and institutions. The electricity swished off regularly and students had to study using oil lamps.
Four two-storeyed barracks as hostels for pupils and employees were built in 1930-32 Only in 1973 last from barracks has been taken down.
In 1935 the old building of post office has been transferred technical school, laboratories began to function: radio, telephone, cable, electromachine and a physical office.
Educational building of technical school had been built in 1931 in July behind the head river. (nowadays Abai avenue)
In March, 1934 the first set in number of 25 persons on evening department of technical school has been carried out. The first students - drummers: Lunin, Scribko, Smakov, Bukaev, Vishnivitsky, Zvorygin, Petrenko, Ivanov, Konkushev, Smirnov, Dubrovin, Konilov, Lesnychenko, Metelsky, Kerzhinsev, Stoyanov. In 1937 of study have begun in uncompleted building. In 1938 the management of building conducting was incurred by the director of technical school Skuin Arthur Petrovich.


In 1940 building of the educational institution has been finished. From first days in technical school work on improvement of professional skill of executives of communication was conducted, and in 1945 increase courses were allocated in independent establishment. In difficult years of the Great Patriotic War the technical school continued to prepare experts for needs of a national economy and front.
Part-time department was opened in 1956
Material resources of technical school was strengthen from year to year, dews the teaching structure also was improved.
In 1976 the technical school building has been destroyed as a result of a fire, and on collective faced new difficulties. Study began to spend to 2 changes in various places: in institute "Kazgidrosvyaz" building, the automatic telephone exchange-41, school № 92, etc. For all these years not only technical school buildings varied, as well as its status. In 1980 the laboratory case has been put into operation. From this year the branch which prepared experts in the correspondence form of training worked in Karaganda.
In 1986 the educational сampus has been introduced in use.
In 1994 the technical school has received the college status.
From the date of college formation 66 full-time and 42 part-time students graduated from college. More than 22 thousand specialists successfully were prepared and fruitfully have worked in system of telecommunications. Now 35 teachers work in college, 12 of them have over 20 years pedagogical experience of work, 11 teachers with high qualification categories, who share the wide experience with young and beginning teachers.
Since 1998 the college was a member of Council of colleges of Almaty, and since 2001 council has been renamed into Association of colleges of Almaty.
Almaty college of communication is in structure of the Kazakh-American University since 1999. Now in accordance of (TPE)Technical and professional education there are seven specialties are being prepared in college. The pedagogical collective of this college gives great attention on diversification of curricula and programs, introduction of innovative techniques for the purpose of perfection of educational process for transition in market conditions to a continuous (multilevel) education system.
Final goal of pedagogical collective - preparation of the competitive specialties promoting development of a national economy and assured for the future. Association of Almaty college of communication and the Kazakh-American University has allowed to open 4 specialties of the higher vocational training on communication.