Objectives of the KAU Clinic:
1. Students, pupils, teachers and staff of the IEC are provided by diverse qualified medical care.
2. Doing research in the field of medicine.
The KAU Clinic directs its activities to attract advanced medical personnel from Kazakhstan and foreign countries to cooperation, to use the latest technologies for diagnosing and treating various diseases. A special focus of the KAU Clinic is on disease prevention, both among students and staff of the KAU, and among the general population.
Doctors of the KAU Clinic received the right to practice at the Clinic only after careful competitive selection. They are distinguished by high professional training, the presence of clinical thinking, the ability to achieve maximum efficiency in diagnosis and treatment by combining traditional approaches with advanced achievements of modern medicine.
Medical services
On the basis of the KAU Clinic, you can get advice and services from a therapist, pediatrician, neuropathologist, ENT specialist, urologist, gynecologist, dentist, cosmetologist, acupuncturist, psychotherapist, and allergist.
On the basis of the KAU Clinic, students and pupils of the KAU pass mandatory immunization and prophylactic examinations. Health center AUK KAU and Schools with KAU daily takes outpatients and provides first aid.
KAU Clinic holds its activity in the conditions of tough competition in the market of medical services. Therefore, great importance is attached to the introduction of the most effective methods of diagnosis and treatment. The methods of oriental medicine are widely used.
All office work at the KAU Clinic is held using computer technology.
Attracting the best staff, the combined use of Eastern and Western medicine, the effective use of various forms of advertising - all this contributes to the competitiveness of the KAU Clinic and, as a result, allows patients to receive extremely accurate diagnostics and quality treatment.
Chief Doctor of the KAU Clinic: Zhukov Oleg Sergeyevich Phone: 309-91-51, 309-91-48
Therapist of the AUK KAU health center: Isayeva Nazym Sundetovna Phone: 226 79 82
The KAU Clinic is located on the territory of the KAU Campus at: 27, Toraigyrov St.
Separate health centers are located in the buildings of the AUK KAU, the UNESCO-associated School at the KAU and on the territory of the KazGASA Campus.