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19 february 2021
Prevention of juvenile delinquency
23 august 2017
Nothing in our lives isn’t so cheap and isn’t appreciated as expensively as knowledge and qualification. When we choose our professions, we create a method and a way of life.
22 december 2015
November we went with a group to the theater M.Auezov. The performance was called “The evening in the “Empire”, it was very interesting and exciting. Actors of the theater played skillfully, penetrating and could inform to the audience all essence of the performance.
14 may 2015
This year «Rotaract club of Almaty» and «Rotaract club of New Territories (Hong Kong)» together with students of KAU held a major charity project in which visited the orphanage "The Ark Village", located in the city of Talgar and gave to children shoes for present.
14 november 2014
Students of the Kazakh-American University and  the Almaty College of Communication become parties to an informal conference ZhasCamp'14. "Unconference" was devoted to the issues of youth policy and activity. In late October 2014, the event attracted more than 500 students from all over Kazakhs...
14 november 2014
In the framework of assistance in an internship and employment opportunities for students at KAU was held “Autumn Fair 2014 graduates”.
20 february 2014
Преподаватель ЭМиРС Усманова В.Н.
15 february 2014
   Қазіргі кезең білім деңгейі жоғары, академиялық және әлеуметтік мобильділігі бар , өзінің кәсіби білімін үнемі толықтырылып, өзін-өзі дамытып отыратын мамандарды талап етеді.   Осыған орай оқу-тәрбие жұмысын, оның ішінде оқушылардың өзіндік жұмысын жоспарлау мен...
13 february 2014
 With the development of new technology and science today the requirements to quality of education becomes more and more problematic issue in the sphere of education.
7 february 2014
В Алматинском колледже связи при КАУ учащиеся выпускники 3-го курса специальностей "Радиоэлектроника и связь", "Оптическое и электронное оборудование", "Экономика", "Переводческое дело" проходят на предприятиях Казахстана 7 недельную производственную практику....
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